During the National COVID-19 Pandemic we are updating you on actions impacting the Marina Operations, Employees, Customers, Restrooms, and General Behavior while visiting the marina.    The Health and Safety of our customers and employees is a priority.  All actions we take are aligned with The Dubois County Health Department recommendations, CDC recommendations and common sense.    These actions may change at any time and we are committed to trying to keep you updated in advance of any changes.

Actions we are taking to help protect the Marina Community and our Employees:

  • Our maintenance staff will work staggered shifts to avoid start up and shut down congregating.
  • Restrooms will be disinfected regularly and frequency will be adjusted based on activity
  • Marina Store will remain locked but, we will have service via the deck window; please call if you need anything from the Store, want to make a payment, schedule service etc.  We will manage through the phone what we can and through the window as needed.  NO customers will be allowed in the store for any reason.
  • Our Summerization, launching and service will continue as planned but, with internal protocols
    to keep our team safe
  • Staff will be kept up to date on protocol changes and guidelines will be reinforced daily
  • Staff will remain safe distances from customers with a minimum of 6’
  • Fueling procedures and gas dock service procedures will be communicated separately once we begin staffing on the weekends.  This would not be before mid-April however, if you need fuel we will work with you on a safe approach to support your needs as we can.

Customer Guidelines:

  • The store will open as needed for customers but, we will utilize the small window for service. We will not be allowing anyone in the store for the time being.
  • All customers should refrain from being in groups more than 10 people and that includes any gatherings on your boat at the dock.   This number will likely shrink as the severity grows!
  • Social distancing is mandatory and following all CDC recommendations such as hand washing, etc.
  • Anyone sick is not to visit the Marina.   This is not a time to take chances with your neighbors.
  • We will have procedures on the Gas Dock for service and refueling and will communicate those in the near future.  
  • Social distancing (6’ minimum) will be required at all times and that includes when speaking to any staff member.
  • Restroom access will remain locked to customers only for your safety.   To reduce exposure no more than 2 people are permitted at a time.   Process is to knock and verify before entering.

These guidelines are not optional and when followed should allow everyone to enjoy the lake and reduce exposure for themselves and others.   

We will continue to update as the environment changes and are committed to work to have a safe environment.   Thank you for your understanding and at anytime if you have questions please call us at 812-678-3313!

Thank you.

Victor and Rebecca

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