During the National COVID-19 Pandemic we are updating you on actions impacting the Marina Operations, Employees, Customers, Restrooms, and General Behavior while visiting the marina. The Health and Safety of our customers and employees is a priority. All actions we take are aligned with The Dubois County Health Department recommendations, CDC recommendations and common sense. These actions may change at any time and we are committed to trying to keep you updated in advance of any changes.

We trust that nearly all of our customers are staying aware of the COVID-19 Pandemic and reacting appropriately within your environments. We want to make certain that everyone understands the following guidelines and to emphasize that these are not optional.

Customer Guidelines through April 30th (at least):
• Social distancing (6’ minimum) will be required at all times and that includes when speaking to any staff member
• Please do NOT hangout or have conversations on the walkways; that puts other people at risk if they have to walk past you
• ZERO parties are to be held at the Marina that means no gatherings of people outside your normal family group. Anyone that violates this will be removed from the property and may forfeit their slip license agreement.
• Restroom access will remain locked to customers only. To reduce exposure no more than 2 people are permitted at a time. Process is to knock and verify before entering. PLEASE ADHERE TO THIS; if we see this not being followed we will be forced to close the restrooms indefinitely. For the convenience of our slip holders we are keeping them locked but, need everyone to take precaution during this time.
• Please keep your distance from employees. 6’ is the minimum clearance. Our employees, ourselves etc are working to both prepare the Marina for what we hope is a Great Season post COVID-19 but, also are at risk when someone does not take this seriously.
• The marina store remains open but service is being completed through the window on the store side of the building (not the restaurant side). Upon arrival to the store please call 812-678-3313 and an employee can help you at the window. We are also available by e-mail. • We continue to disinfect the restrooms and keep them stocked with TP and Hand Cleaner. At any time if they need service or you see more people than allowed inside the restroom please call us immediately.

In Indiana we are permitted to keep the Marina Functioning provided our customers and staff follow the recommended guidelines. You will see that recently in Kentucky and other states they have issued specific orders either closing marinas, lakes, parks etc. and other boating restrictions. We do not see that being the case in Indiana unless reports of non-compliance become prevalent. This is for everyone and their families’ safety; it is mandatory that everyone take this seriously.

We will continue to update as the environment changes and we are committed and ready to assist you while maintaining a safe environment. Thank you for your understanding and at anytime if you have questions please call us at 812-6783313!

Thank you.

Victor and Rebecca

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