Why is Boating seeing increases in participation during COVID?   The answer is a simple one; that boaters having boated for years already know!    Boating covers all ages and athletic abilities to have an equal amount of fun enjoying the outdoors together.   Some like to wakeboard/ski/tube while others may opt to swim all afternoon.   You can relax in the evening or lay back and read a book listening to birds and hearing the occasional fish jump.    Here at Hoosier Hills Marina you may see an Eagle circling above or even swooping down to catch dinner.   This week we saw 2 Deer walk down to the waters edge next to our Rental Houseboats and one of them was just a baby.    There are so many reasons why boating is an awesome family activity where grandparents can have the same amount of fun as the kids in the water.   Oh and yes many grandparents still ski, tube and wakeboard!!    You can do all this and remain social distancing and safety.  

Boating is a great activity for all families.   It provides active time and relaxing time, it provides experiences with nature and beautiful sunsets.   If you haven’t tried it, give it a shot; you may never have had so much fun!!

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